A Summary of the City’s Compliance with the Year Three Workplan During the Reporting Period

The following chart reflects the status of the City’s compliance with the Year Three Workplan during the reporting period. Specifically, it assesses whether Year Three stated goals were complete, incomplete, in progress, or in need of prioritization as of March 31, 2019, the last day of the reporting period. For tasks required to be completed by March 31, 2019, “complete” indicates that the City has achieved the relevant milestone, while “incomplete” signifies that the City did not meet the stated completion date and must work to do so as soon as possible.

The City was not obligated to meet deadlines with stated completion dates after March 31, 2019. However, where the City has already commenced work on tasks that must be completed during the next reporting period, the Monitoring Team notes that the relevant task is “in progress.” On the other hand, where it appears that the City made little or no progress on a specific task, and that the lack of progress may thwart the City’s ultimate ability to meet the stated deadline during the next reporting period, the Monitoring Team highlights this as an area “to prioritize.” The Monitoring Team recommends that the City make a significant, concerted effort to address “incomplete” and “to prioritize” tasks during the next reporting period. Information about whether the City met the deadlines for tasks with stated completion dates between April 1, 2019 and September 30, 2019 will be contained in the Monitor’s Fall 2019 Status Report.